Mobile App Development

android apps developmentAlmost all companies need a website; some need a mobile website and a few need mobile applications. If mobile is a key part of your business strategy, it’s important to have mobile applications available to users. So what to develop? Should we have a native or hybrid app? Should you consider Apple iOS power or Android’s platform large user base?

If you need a basic or advance, native iOS or windows App, cross platform or secure app, Atharv will build it for you. We solve your problem by helping you decide the technology that integrates with your business seamlessly.
It’s very difficult to find good mobile application development company in India that you can count on. We solve this problem by providing you best in house mobile app developers and dedicated support to keep your project on time and under budget.

There is a boom of mobile application in various market be it marketing or manufacturing, healthcare or travel and with intense competition to be a leader in their industry many companies are looking out for good mobile app developers and user experience specialists. The perfect talent group is essential to build any application and to meet current demands.

In order to meet the increase demand, Atharv therefore have trained their engineers to be masters in their specific fields. We have number of Android developers that have solid experience in Android development and right talent of iOS developers to develop various Apple iOS applications.

Choosing Athrav for you mobile application development needs can be a very feasible option. Our team of mobile app developers and project managers can work in coordination with off shore clients even though not in the same time zone.

Mobile App Development Process & Quality

We develop every mobile app keeping business strategy and objectives in mind. We follow mobile app development life cycle usually consisting of four phases, discovery phase, design phase, development and testing phase and maintenance and update phase.

We understand how important a brand value is. We ensure that for every business or client’s mobile app, quality is always a top priority. We follow the quality guidelines from vendors like Apple and Google.

Hiring Atharv for mobile app development services will help every business meet their customer’s expectations. From varied range of devices and operating systems Atharv software offers you an integrated mobile application development services. Atharv can deliver an amazing user experience for you native, web or hybrid mobile applications.